Turn client to be your fan

Turn Clients Your Fan

21st Century had brought in equipment and technology, which can fulfill your dreams. Working from home was being dreamt by our forefathers, where we can now experience and live in that dream. Yes, the Internet has brought freelance opportunities around the globe; where it doesn’t have any time, space, uniform restrictions or limitations.

Adopting a freelance career would always be a complicated decision to make because of the unpredictable winning percentage and monthly financial stats. But there is an outbreak of this unpredictable result, which you might have not recognized of slight importance. The outbreak is:

“Turn clients your fan”

Remember the words. ” You don’t require 100+ clients to establish your freelance business, but only 1″. If you can start at 1 and continue with 1; I promise you the success. And that’s a success secret in freelancing.

Let’s talk about converting your client to become your fan.

1. Darling Projects

90% of the projects earned, after bidding to your favorite ones. Because you thoroughly grasp them in-depth; And you have all the required skills and experience for it. Indeed, you can convince the buyer to your terms and conditions (budget and time).

Bidding on projects considered being your first interaction with the client; Where you can’t afford false perception about you. Therefore, never deal with this process informally. Learn about the Psychology of Pricing to the Freelance Projects (Youtube Video) by Michael Janda. Win more bids. Make more money.


2. Conversation with Old-Friend

Consider your upcoming client as your dearest old-friend. How sincere would you be while talking to him? You’ll always be making quick responses and truthful all the time, right? Just follow these steps while communicating with your client. A few more tips for winning the project are:

(a) Mention your process and the project deliverables. e.g. With UI Project; Your process would be: User Research, Wireframing, Style Guides, Visuals, and Assets Export. Deliverables would include Assets, Prototyping, Design Specifications, and Source File, etc.

(b) Always present a brief demo version (if possible). e.g. With UI Project; Convert 1-2 requirements to wireframes; While describing the concept, record a video with your voice-over and share it with the client.

Quick Demo Version

  1. Let me clarify how I share demo versions on Fiverr. Quick Time Player assists me in screen-recording, where I describe all the concepts in a global language (English).
  2. Upload the video file on Dropbox or OneDrive.
  3. Create a shareable link.
  4. Shorten the link at bit.ly.
  5. Paste along with your proposal; Ask the client to listen to it. 

It will significantly build up his trust in you. Because, speech interaction is far more powerful than communicating via written words.

3. Become Significant Host

Once the client establishes a blind faith in you and delighted to offer for the job/project; It is the moment to develop yourself into a significant host. Consider your client as he is staying at your home until the job is complete.

How will you act in such a situation? Definitely, you will pay the best regards and respect every moment of him. What should you do else?

  1. Set aside time for the project daily.
  2. Start without a delay, e.g. conducting further analysis, understanding the project in-depth, identifying solutions to the complication, and asking questions.
  3. Keep your client engaged throughout every single step you take.

If you have 21 days for the project; And you are hoping to accomplish it within 10 days, thus never initiate it slowly. Start working immediately as suggested above.

4. Adventurous Journey Begins

Imagine, you departed for an adventurous trip and you alone got this opportunity among your siblings. What would be your emotions? Do you prefer to communicate every single moment with your family? Imagine, the internet speed allowing you to share videos on a single touch. Waoww! Now your siblings at home can experience the adventure with maximum excitement.

The same state with your freelance project; Keep your client up to date with every single phase you are progressing through. It can make him excited and granting to share his genuine feedback.

Adopt the ways to accomplish the prior instructions:

1. Record the Voice Memos while explaining your concepts; Perform it by managing your mobile phone recorder, laptop voice-recorder, or any quality microphone.

Share the visuals, e.g. JPG/PNG/PDF format etc. Rename the files properly and call it with the same in your voice memos.

e.g.  Visual Filename: 3- Water Intake Results

Voice Memo:” File named as ’3- Water Intake Results’; User can view… bla bla blaaa…”.

2. Record your entire screen while explaining through all the artworks and concepts you have performed. Upload it to Dropbox and share the link.

3. Fiverr has newly started a feature to put remarks on the visuals (Video/Pictures). Now your client can tie a pin and comment on any individual pixel/minute. It’s much smoother to share thoughts and tracking comments when required. Impressive!

Commenting Feature on fiverr.com


5. Conceptualizing School Teacher

Remember your days at school; How fascinating they were. Let me ask you something; Back in those days, when your instructor usually assigned you a task; What did you do before making a final submission?

Did you consult your instructor from time to time? Showing him the progress and noticing further advice. Right? When you completed, thus consulting him for one more time before making a final submission.

What if; You got the choice for putting your task-register along with the submitted ones and your instructor throws it back to you while suggesting: Task has not completed though. What would be your emotions?

The same is the scenario with your client. I endorse; Do not deliver the project every time, but hold the project growing inside your Inbox. Hand over it to the client when you are finished and earn a 5-star rating straight away.

Final thoughts

This is how you can twist the client to be your fan. What do fans do? They will not alone admire and endorse your skills, but recommend you in their network either. This is the only proven path in adopting freelancing as your continuous career.

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